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26 32%
73 89%
12 15%
21 26%
Voters: 82.
I'm a vocalist for my band mainly, but when I feel like it, I'll do a little bit of drumming mostly. And when I'm by my friend's house I'll attempt something on his guitar. Even though I suck ass.
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I'm more of a drummer as Ive been on those for 8 years but my e-drums are in the middle of an upgrade now so I'm on guitar and might start vocals soon.

I checked drums and guitar

hay, how about keyboard?
I'm playin that too

With my magicstomp I can turn my guitar into a fairly good bass

tune down 12 steps, kill tone on guitar and neck pickup..I use it in all my recordings

I wouldn't really call myself a bass player but I'm close to it I guess...
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I'm a bassist, say it with me "I'M BASS AND I'M PROUD!"
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I mainly play guitar and I sing.
I also play bass and drums though, so all of them I guess.
Rythm and vocals mostly, and on some songs, I'm the Lead.
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I play all of them, it just depends on what the band needs to be honest.

Ah, jack of all trades - master of none.
I'm a guitarist, though I have played bass for bands before.

The reason I don't play bass that much is because well, I don't own one.
I play guitar all of the time, and then I picked up bass for jazzband.
..I did vocals once, but that was just a joke, so I wont check it.
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Guitarist mainly, but I started drums not long ago, still not very good. I also lend my voice when someone needs it.
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My passion is for guitar but my band doesn't have a bass player so i play bass.
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I'm all four because I switch around a lot. But I usually play lead guitar and play bass the least often. I only sing when I play my own solo acoustic stuff.
Bass and backup vocals.
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Play bass and rhythym guitar since there is no lead guitar in the bands I play in.
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