First off, a search pulled up two pages on dreams but none really got the info I was looking for.

I'm wondering if there are any ways to have dreams more often

I used to have a ton as a kid but then they slowly went away and now I only have them like once a month at most...
You'll have a lot, but you probably just don't remember them
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aparntly wrighting them down the next day helps you remeber more, I cant remember where I've herd that, I've considered trying it but i cant be bothered.

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apparently wrighting them down the next day helps you remember more, I cant remember where I've herd that, I've considered trying it but i cant be bothered.

Tried it once or twice myself..it works for dreams i know Ive had and remember when i wake up but for those that i don't remember after a minute or two that i wake up it wont work.
Some scientists actually say that eating a lot of Vitamin B12 will help increase not only conciousness in dreams (when you actually know you are in a dream), but it can also help open your mind for communicating with the dead. That's what the scientists say, at least. I've never tried it myself.
Eat alot of cheese just before you go to bed. Seriously you will dream some weird stuff!

Pretty funny.
i've never seen how the cheese thing works, i always have weird dream regardless of if i eat cheese or not
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I thought that you only remembered dreams if you actually wake up during the dream?

i heard that somewhere. it's probably bs though

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well i remember hearing that you have like hundreds of dreams every night but you only remeber like one of them and sometimes you dont even think you've had a dream although you really have

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