What do you use to clean a TFT monitor (and don't say "special TFT monitor cleaning device")
Mine has lots of smudges which you can only really see when the screen is black but it's really annoying. I tried just rubbing them off with sleeve/tissue but that just made more smudges....
Also I don't want to rub it too hard because it's not hard glass.
That first result is a forum and everyone is contradicting eachother. Who to believe. One says basically, not to touch it ever with anything.
Yer I would like to know this to, mine is very smudgy.
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i use iClean by monster cable to clean my laptop screen, works damn well. bought the bottle for like 5 bux a year ago and still have a ton left
special TFT monitor cleaning device

okay okay

just TFT monitor cleaning device, not special one or a piece of cloth?
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My laptop came with a cleaning cloth. ALmost every surface on it (except the keys) are ridiculously prone to fingerprints and smudges, so it's quite useful. I'm not entirely sure what it's made of, but it seems to be the same sort of thing that you get with glasses (spectacles, not drinking vessels) to clean them.
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