I have recently started practicing sweep picking, and I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find answers to.

I started with the C shape, with all 5 strings. Later, on a lesson, I read that you should start with 3 string shapes, but I can do the 5 strings cleanly in time (albeit slowly- 8th notes at 120 right now, I want to learn it right.) Anyway, did I skip something very important?

Secondly, I've looked at the other shapes, like A and E. In the C shape, you can assign a fret to a finger and everything goes smoothly:

Fret: X-15-14-12-13-12
Finger: 4 3 1 2 1

Which is no problem for me, since no finger has to do two strings in a row. But in the A and E shape, fingers have to roll down to two or more strings in a row, and it seems that would make the notes kind of uneven when you do it faster.

Fret: X-12-14-14-13-12
Finger: 1 3 3 2 1

Heres the A shape, as far as I can tell, your 3rd finger has to do two strings in a row? Is that fine, or am I missing something?

That's fine, you need to roll the third finger to avoid both notes sounding, but yes, you're right.
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By "rolling," what do you mean? The way I imagine doing it is picking the note, raising the finger and carefully taking it off the string to mute it, and lifting it over to the next string. All very fast, of course..
Well, yeah, I don't really see what's confusing how the A thing that you asked. You're on the right track.

Though it looks like you're only practicing down sweeps, and not up as well? Or are you?
"Rolling" refers to a barre of sorts of two or more strings, except this barre is not at the same time.

Look up Mark Seale's video lesson on sweep picking. It's in the lessons section.

EDIT: I'm stupid, so it was actually in the columns section. That sentence makes less sense than it should, and I'm too lazy to correct the grammar.
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I am practicing up and down, with legato at the end. When I finish the up sweep, I only play the tonic once.

And the confusing thing about the A shape was the use of one finger for two strings. Now that Kuripaca confirmed that using one finger is an acceptable technique, I'm curious what the rolling motion he mentioned is.

EDIT: Alright Kutan, I'll look that up right away.

And.. I can't find that Mike Seale video.. >.> anybody have a link?
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Thanks man! I appreciate it. Not even google would find it, it just found people on UG mentioning it. >.>
Haha yeah, I found it google after typing in the exact title of the column.

Anyway, good luck bud. The video's pretty basic so you might get bored, but the whole thing is pretty useful.
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