i don't know wihch one i should go for out of these two guitars

the yamaha


or the Tanglewood



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Have you tried both out to see what one you like best?
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Well i've played the yamaha and it's awesome, but that Tanglewood is all solid wood which is pretty sweet. Definetely play them if you can. Either way you probably won't go wrong.
Tanglewood by far. I love yamahas and thats a great guitar and all, but the tanglewood blows it out of the water.
On paper, the Tanglewood looks good.. i mean all solid wood construction right? However, in my experience, I've been massively disappointed by guitars that "look good on paper". Don't buy based on features alone, take into account how they feel and how they sound.
I've owned both, and their both great guitars, but the tangle wood wins.