Hi, so i'm new here and i'm new at acoustic guitar playing, i had a guitar like two weeks, and i was wondering if someone could suggest some very very easy song, easiest that there is..
for now i have learned metallicas nothing else matters first 20seconds
and from Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies some parts, but whatever, i just need some very very easy song..and please don't send me to that "easy songs" forum, couse those songs aint so easy for me
u been playin for 2 weeks,you cant expect to really play songs good yet.
Practice your chord changes finger exercises and picking hand,and maybe learn some tapping then start with a song...

Just what i think you should do,someone might actually give you a song to play..
damnit- blink 182
seven nation army -the white stripes
maybe even enter sandman
Those are like standard begginer songs
erm... why would he need to learn tapping this soon
There is more than one thing i have to say...
not enter sandman, lots of different parts to that, try bush glycerine(very simple), nirvana in bloom,
they use just the same chord formations just in different positions. those are the 2 easiest that i can think of
if you have only been playing for two weeks i would say that you should get a beginners guitar book from the guitar shop and start practicing that.then start learning songs after you have learned notes and chords
summer of 69 is pretty easy
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And go out and play with people. When i did that, first it was one scale, then alternate picking, etc. The people make the learning experience and pain you experience fun. It's the main reason many play sports.
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My first song was Wonderwall - Oasis. its really easy. everyone says wonderwall when somone asks "what song" so i thought i'd be that guy

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