Not gunna try and shove this one into a little genre, as I have no where it could be put. Mind you its definately not Radio friendly stuff.

I'm not sure about this one, really. I mean for what I was trying out with this piece, It turned out alright, If a bit random.

You be the judges, crit4crit on this one, I think.
The Valley Of Ashes.ZIP
Annoying at first but then it got interesting in the middle.

The repetitive parts at the beginning kills the whole thing though The drums seem to fall out after the halfway mark and then only hit on certain beats. you could have meant to do that.

As something I would like to play: 8/10.
As something I would like to hear performed: 2/10.

Its hard to give an overall kind of rating to this kind of song because its so unique.
im sorry dude but i thought that was terrible, you had no key, it had weird timings that were really disgusting to my ear, and some parts just sounded like wankage

wish i could give you a better crit
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