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Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 watt all tube combo
11 92%
Line 6 Spider III 120 watt combo (SS)
1 8%
Voters: 12.
Ok, im about to buy my second amp. I mostly play metal (Lamb of God, metallica etc.) with a bit of punk, and i need to know what amp to buy, the Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 watt all tube combo, or the Line 6 Spider III

Im using a ESP EC-400 with active pickups. (PS, will the Ashdown sound better with active pickups because its tube?)
Ashdown all the way. You might want to look into the Randall RG50TC aswell. Good luck mate
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im gonna say the ashdown. spiders, if you ask most people around here, are really not liked at all. i mean, theyr not bad for modeling amps. but if youy want tone and something that doesnt sound digital, then the tube is definetly gonna be better.

to the active pups with teh tube amp thing...not necesarily, but since its tube, when crank the volume, your just gonna get optimal tone. and natural distortion. the pickups however, i dont know. i suppose so though, probly will sound better than the spider.
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That's like comparing Apples and uhhh cock. Which one would you want in your mouth?
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