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Mexican Standard Strat
0 0%
50s Classic Strat
2 25%
Lite Ash Strat
6 75%
Voters: 8.
'Kay so basically I will be selling my Epi LP Std. HSB soon and was wondering what would be a reasonable price for it, sold with a £50 tweed case and £10 planet waves locking strap.

(I will remove all evidence of the above question once answered, and this isn't an ad, it will be sold in a classified near me and not on here)

And in its place, I will be buying a new Strat. I was wondering what would be the best to buy in this pricerange - 50s Classic, Standard or Lite Ash.

Lite ash pros:
Duncans, ash body and 2-point brass trem block, birdseye neck.

Standard pros:
Alder body, pretty solid guitar.

50s classic pros:
Good looks, vintage, pickups look decent.

But which Strat is the best for the cash? I play Blues, Blues Rock, a bit of Rock and Alternative. Hendrix, SRV, Rory Gallagher, Cream, Led Zeppelin sorta thing.
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