Just a quick question, I've recently got into home recording, and i was wondering if you're 'allowed' to put cover songs on a myspce music pages - I've hardly ever seen anyone do it.
we have on ours untill we have our own songs to put up and i've seen a few, but i haven't read alll the legal stuff.
Although you're not making profit fro it on myspace
yeah u can do that, ive seen some. hey just wondering what music software are u using? ive been meaning on getting software to record. thanks
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im pretty sure you can, i have and there hasnt been any problems yet
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I'm using Line 6 Toneport with the (very) cut-down version of Ableton Live which comes with it. I really like the actual software, its very user friendly (plus the GearBox plugin has some really great sounds on it) but you can only save 4 tracks of audio, which is enough for me, but if you plan of recording a whole band youd probably need to get some other software, or upgrade to the full version of Live (which is about £300-400 over here).