I can't seem to bend in tune, i always over or underbend, there are some places I can get perfect full bends but i cant do it all over the fretboard..

Is there an easy way to get used to this?
i would recommend just practising bending by first playing the note you're bending to, then trying to bend perfectly to that note.
Just practice doing unison bends. Do them all the time, slow, fast, and sometimes hold it. then without playing it, bend the note and see if you got it right.
yeh, all my bends were always a bit out but then my guitar teacher made me play this piece and demanded every bend be absolutely spot on. Now I can do it every time, you just get a feel for it and end up correcting as you go.
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Three words: practice practice practice. Strat off by practicing half tone bends (ex. G - Ab), full tone bends (G - A), and tone & 1/2 bends (G - Bb).