So Randall has this "valve-dynamic" technology that's spose to make their amps sound more like a tube. This is what they claim.

"Our new Valve-Dynamic circuit not only captures a tubes reactive qualities, but also the warmth, feel, and musical character of full tube power amp, but with the durability of a 400 watt Mosfet power amplifier."

I know nothing beats a true tube amp but, does their "valve-dynamic" tech actaully sound near a tube?
most likely, since that's usually the goal of solid state amps - to simulate a tube amp. at low to medium volumes it may be decent, but turning that thing up too much will probably make the sound turn to shit.
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^ Absolutely right. I actually played on one of them, nowhere as good as true tube tone, but close enough for a SS at really low volumes, but turned anywhere past 5, tone completely dies.