These amps are just... Wow....

I haven't played one though, and it'll take me a long time to afford one too

Has anyone here played one, can I have an opinion on this that isn't biased by the company and isn't on the only youtube video fo it there is?

I can't find any shops anywhere that sell them... Thomann used to but for some reason the Knuckleheads have disappeared off of the catalogue.
Rivera went out of business.

Knuckleheads have the disturbing predisposition to blow up tubes and custom trannies. These custom trannies would push tubes beyond 600 volts.

No more custom trannies, no more Knuckleheads.

BTW, Steve Lukather, the main endorser of Knuckleheads, has long switched over to VHT with Custom Audio Electronics speaker cabinets.
btw also, Jim Root is over to Orange with their Rockervervbs, somethings up here me thinks
But... I really wanted to save for a Knucklehead D:

I'm getting a job soon cos they're building a mall nearby D:

Yeah, Ive tried a Knucklehead Reverb head. Went to try one out a couple a weeks back.
I have to say, I wasn't overly impressed to be honest. The cleans were out of this world but once you started to get into the higher gain stuff it just didnt have the balls where it counted. As far as build quality and features go, its first class but it just didnt cut it for me.

Steve Lukather had a fall out with Paul Rivera about the rights/copyright to the sub-amp thing they developed together and stopped using his stuff. He's developed the sub-amp even more with iSP
Well... If I can't get a Knucklehead... I guess I'm back set on the Engl Fireball.. Or maybe if I can be bothered to save long enough... Perhaps the Invader... Sound clips on rocksolidamps make it sounds very... Very... VERY nice