Been playing guitar for like two years now. But most of this time I've been playing metal/prog stuff only. And now I wanna learn classical guitar. So, could any of you suggest me some classical guitarists that I could check out, as well as some good and easy songs to start off with? BTW I don't have a nylon-stringed guitar, only an acoustic and an electric.
You have to get a classical guitar to play classical guitar. I know this seems obvious, but you really can't properly learn on a steel-string acoustic.
Andres Segovia was my introduction into the world of classical guitar.
Tiger style.
Heck wait I think I meant acoustic stuff...I really dunno the difference between acoustic and classical. My apologies for the inconvinience.
Classical=Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, stuff like that. Players like Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, Christopher Parkening, Eliot Fisk, etc.

Acoustic=Everything else acoustic.
For classical tabs, go to

If you want to play classical, get a teacher.

To be quite frank, doing it properly is of utmost importance; you can't truly learn classical from tabs.
What exactly is the difference between classical and acoustic? I guess this makes me sound like a complete n00b, which I'm not. Basically, I'm referring to stuff like Opeth's acoustic parts in songs like "Face Of Melinda". God I feel like a complete fcukface!
Oh okay...Thanks a lot for clearing that out! =D Now could anyone name me some good acoustic songs to start off with, as well as some good acoustic guitarists to check out?