my amp gave out today. The cleans are distorted, the eq doesnt work, and i get a buzz when i turn the volume past 3. Its a traynor reverb combo mate 40.

So I really need a new amp. I dont like modeling amps (no cubes or mg's or spiders)
-My limit is 500 usd
-i play blues and classic rock (think hendrix, led zeppelin, rory gallagher)
-tube or solid state-needs to be heard over a drummer

i was thinking the orange crush 30r solid state, a blues junior, or a epi valve junior but i would like other suggestions!
Thanks Ug
2nd hand one or Peavey Valveking 112 comes close to the 500 bucks limit....
how are the valvekings? i was also thinking about that fender fm212 amp combo or head. Any have any experiene with these?
I've got experience with the valveking 112...
It's a pretty versatile amp and pretty good for his price-range... don't expect a marshall etc. but it's still a good amp.
BUT it isn't really appropriate for metal and tougher music, the distortion on this amp isn't the best you will hear . But I would consider this amp and try it somewhere...
One problem... is the shipping in Europe...
I don't know where you live but if you live in Europe (outside the UK and France) you might have big shipping-problems... it took 5 months to deliver my amp just cause Peavey had some big problems... (I didn't wait those 5 months )
in europe, ships in a week or so.

secondly, the valve king is known for its bad reliability, and IS the cheapest tube amp (and biggest) for a reason. it's crap. if you need it for bedroom, or with drums, a laney vc 15 or something.

valveking - bah

to threadstarter: where you from?
im in the us so i cant really get laney over here. Theres a valveking at my local store for $350 usd. is it better than a blues junior or fm212?
are you limited to a combo? if not, i can't recommend a Sovtek Mig50 head enough. it'd be perfect and well under your price limit. if not, for about $450 on ebay, you can get an Ampeg Reverberocket 212. this amp is THE seminal blues amplifier. other options include:

- Blackface Fender Concert 4x10 is $500+shipping at musicgoround.com (i've used them before and they're safe to order from)

- 1976 Silverface Fender Twin 2x12 is $500+shipping at musicgoround.com

- Peavey Classic 50 4x10 (great blues/rock amp) is $480+shipping at musicgoround.com

one of those will suite you just fine.
Maybe consider a b-52 AT 60 watt, it would be plenty loud for your drummer, and could probably pull off a good classic rock tone, a lot of people dislike them though.
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