How long have you been on UG in a single period? Once, I was on here for 5 hours. I need to get a life. How about you?
I've left the computer on UG for like 2 or 3 days. But actually been on? Like 4 or 5 hours.
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No more than 1 hour ever. Normally its just a quick 10-15 minutes. I have more important things to do on the internet.
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Two-Three hours whilst being on MSN/MySpace. Not really that long.
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From 6pm to 12am the next day, but i had to log off frequently because my PC was acting up. That was when some guy started getting at me because I was on...I never understood that one.
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In my insomniac days...
2 and a half days....
52 hours.
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Well, I'm never on UG at a constant rate. I wander off and do other things, then come back a little later. I guess I stay on as long as my patience allows me too.
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