hey, heres the rundown. ive made a promise to open for a band at this pub on st patricks day and its too late to back down. i have to fill a 1/2 hour set. there will be me on an acoustic and my friend who plays piano and guitar (but only one at a time obviously). none of us can sing very well and would like to keep it to a minimum. can anyone suggest some songs that we might be able to pull off with less than a month to practice? we need to stick to anything bluesy, jazzy, or folky.
You can do some of the Eric Clapton unplugged stuff. Like the unplugged version of Layla. But that has singing. Um, I dont know. I have to think.
Hoochie Coochie Man. Thats pretty easy. And some other Muddy Waters stuff.
Joe Satriani - Starry Night
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you could get away with trading solos for a standard twelve bar blues for a couple minutes


Try some jazz blues?
Try some modal jazz? (Impressions for one.. that could give you a couple of minutes)
Try some simple jazz standards?
Try some ii-V-I's that just keep repeating themselves?

All of those could win you the pot
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get the piano player to play circle of tyrants-opeth.

'Cos that'd go down well

Just piano and guitar, eh? Perhaps a minimalised version of Sweet home alabama, No woman no cry and Smoke on the water (have piano play the bass part).
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play angie by the rolling stones. ive played the piano part, its kinda hard but i love it and with acoustic guitar youll be set theres singing but you dont even need it at all because it sounds good without it