What is "really" the difference between metal and metalcore?I know metalcore is suppose to be metal with hardcore elements in it, but I want to start writing songs that are metal and not metalcore because when I form a band i dont want it to be labled as a metalcore band. I want to it to be a metal band. so how do i keep my music just metal?
Write whatever the **** you want, the label doesn't matter. If you write metalcore riffs, that's what you like to write and want to sound like.
Copy Maiden and Priest mainly. Look closely at their styles and then rip them off. Or better yet sod being obsessed with a genre and just write what you are good at writing.
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just... sing basically. dont try to do vocals while getting anal raped like what Atreyu and the like do.
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Metalcore=the music that metal elitists dont like
Metal=the music that Metal elitists do like

thats pretty much the only difference.
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