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Ok, slightly overdue, but very very worth it.

Before I start, this is not *another* 'The' band that you can dismiss like The Kooks, The Blackout, whatever's popular these days. I know how peoples minds work and they'll take one look at the thread and band title and think "Oh noes i'm too cool for a 'The' band'".

Now that's out the way, let's get down to business.

The Ladies - They Mean Us

1. Black Caesar/Red Sonja
2. Recycler 1a
3. Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation
4. Empathy on a Stick
5. Recycler 1b
6. Non-threatening
7. Black Metal in the Hour of Starbucks
8. Nice Chaps, Buddy
9. So Much For the Fourth Wall
10. Recycler 2
11. And Them
12. Mandatory Psycho-Freakout

Right, so who the hell....

If you're like me, you'll like to know the history behind the band. So here is a brief description...

Rob Crow: co-creator of San Diego's sentimental pop superstars Pinback; leader of absurdist metal outfit Goblin ****; former leader of Thingy and Heavy Vegetable; former member of Physics; accomplished solo performer in his own right.

Zach Hill: one-half of the outlandish noise duo Hella; member of Deftones side-project Team Sleep; drummer for post-Marilyn Manson/A Perfect Circle stoner-rock combo Goon Moon; one-third of the total sensory-overload that was Nervous Cop (along with Joanna Newsom and a member of Deerhoof). When you want the sound of three drummers playing at once, but only have room for one drum kit, Zach is your man.

Rob Crow and Zach Hill are The Ladies.

[Taken from]

Ok, that sounds cool, tell me more..

Yeah it sounds cool. Now listen (or read):

Now that we all know who The Ladies are, let's get to the point: They Mean Us is one of the strongest and most unique pop records of the last several years. Produced in various locations over the last 2 years, it is a genuine testament to the magnetic chemistry of Zach Hill and Rob Crow, and a shining example of what these two guys are capable of when they are at their most inspired. More adventurous than Pinback, and more accessible than Hella, The Ladies prove to be the best of both worlds. It's even better than the ideal album you've been making up in your head for the last half decade or so.

If you haven't heard Hella or Pinback then disregard that last statement (or go and listen and make yourself aware). If you have, continue as normal.

The beauty of this record is that whilst immediately it jumps out at you, it's still like nothing much you've heard before. You'll be humming the tunes and think "Where did they think of this?!" There are very few albums that can do this (successfully at least).

I'm liking what i'm reading... Can I hear some stuff?

Why yes, yes you can. You can hear some tracks (3 to be exact) on their myspace if you click here.

Or, you can download a track here.

Marvellous, i'm really loving this...

Good. You have good taste. If you wish to show your love for the band even more, maybe you could go and buy the album here.

It'll cost you on CD if you live in the United States $12, in either Canada or Mexico $14, or if you live in the Rest of the World $16.
If however, like me, you wish to buy the very pretty vinyl it's even cheaper!
United States $10
Canada Mexico $12
Rest of the World $14


Yeah it really is.

So yeah. Enjoy. I did.

P.S. Andrew or J0n could I get it stickied please?

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Hurray! I hope AOTM becomes a more lively feature here. I should be getting CDs for my birthday tomorrow, so I should have something to write about.

Thanks for this, OnlyOneHere. I love the history.

I'm going to listen to 'em, and I'll get back to this thread later to give some feedback.
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did some looking into, and not really my style, but this is still one of the best AOTM i can remember. great job.

on a side note, a friend is going to drag me along to see hella next month. not really a fan, but i hope it'll be interesting none the less.
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empathy on a stick, extremely catchy, bit annoying its not the whole song on myspace, because im not interested in buying a cd, but i can download it for free, so im happy. Kudos threadstarter!
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Wow, fast responses! Me likey! Thank you for the comments guys.

I've heard so many great albums in the last few months I could've picked loads, but this seemed cooler than most.
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whoa, hold on a minute -- zach hill and joanna newsom??

but yeah i have been meaning to check this out forever
just one of those bands that always slips my mind.
sounds real good from that half of empathy on a stick.

on a somewhat-related note, is hella worth seeing live?
i mean, do they play any old stuff? since they're a full band now, i'd kind of expect only songs from their new album and maybe a few other recent songs.