What do the gauges for different strings mean. I am going to buy a pack but i don't understand what they mean.
gauges means thickness of the strings. regular strings are gauged at .10-.46. use that as a guideline as to whether or not u want to go thicker or thinner.
You will probably want to go 10-46. gauge if your tuning into regular tuning (E,A,D,G,B,E from low to high)

When I first tried 11-50 gauges I thought it was hard as hell to bend strings. Also depends on the brand of strings your using, go for d'darrio, they are the best for the money.
A little bit off topic to the question but the other day i found some 11 - 70 gauge strings - they look quite cool.
But yeah baisically it's how thick they are - thin ones are a bit easier to play but thicker ones do sound a bit better.
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