is ther anyway i can do it without snapping it. i ask this becuase i got a new E string and B string a few weeks ago ,but i snapped the B string while tubning(wouldn't read the b string on my tuner). so i'mgetting a new set for my Accoustic which is what i got the E string for since all my other strings are old. so is there any way i can tune a E string to sound like a b.
You could tune it down to b but I don't know how loose that's gonna end up being...just go buy a new set and learn to tune by ear at least a little bit so you can tell when it's way too high even if your tuner doesn't pick it up. Or...just feel how tight it is with your finger, you can usually tell if it's about to break just by the tension.
thicker string gauges???
Call me Duncan.

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