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Yes greatly, can go low and high
36 14%
Yes But I cant Go high
57 22%
kind of.. but not well
110 43%
32 13%
I can Scream?
11 4%
i like spaghette!
6 2%
Voters: 254.
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well how many of you guys can actually sing

i can kinda but not really

poll is up soon!
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Yes i am
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i can...kinda. well, i was pretty wanted in loads of bands, so i made my own.
i cant sing like high or go too low.....
Call me Sean
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He's just trying to protect our innocence.

Yes i am
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Your flirting powers are incredible.

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i cant sing for shit - i can play instrument easily but i really cannot sing in tune at all lol
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I used to be very good.

I don't seem to be anymore
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i am ok, depends on the day
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choir is more my thing, where ppl only here the tones and not my voice. my "singing-voice" is non existent
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i can scream high and low...
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i could, but then my voice broke
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drafted a total of 3 times for singing

yey for me

but the highest i can gois the second high pitch tone phil anselmo does at the end of cemetery gates
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im an incredibe singer.............................................
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Only when I'm listening to the song. But my voice isn't that good.. i could never do vocals.
I also used to be in the choir. School's one only though, I'm not particularly religious. Can still pull off an amazing power metal voice now and then.
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I'm alright, but i can't keep very high notes, nor can i sing like i'm in a Opera.
It's a shame because i'm planning to front my new band....
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I can sing well enuf..
Though i'm not awesome yet... i need to take a few more lessons before i get there.. I was able to hit quite high notes before when i was taking lessons, but i havent been singing for a while so i kinda lost my voice...

Damn, i need to take more lessons soon! I also need to learn to sing while playing the guitar... i'm a bit sloppy at that..
I can sing pretty well both high and low, but not without a guitar. I have a real hard time contoling my voice without using a guitar as a guide.
I got paid to be in a church choir!!!

And now that my voice is properly broken im a pretty good singer If im honest i sometimes try to outreach myself on the high notes but down low i cause earthquakes!!

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I can sing pretty good...


play guitar at the same time.

I have the same problem
I'm pretty good playing bass and singing. I dunno w/o my bass. I cant play guitar and sing. I know that for fact....
I'm actually quite good, if I nailed my breathing technique I could do quite well I think. I got asked to replace the Lead Singer in the best band(talent-wise) in our school last week *smug*

Although I can't sing when playing guitar, the only song I can even get words out for is Wonderwall
I'd like to think I'm pretty good in school choir. I can hit pitches pretty well and have a decent range, but I don't think I'd have the balls to be a lead singer in a band.
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I sing for my band, but only because I didn't suck as bad as everyone else..... but I'm improving.
hmm..I'd say I can sing pretty averagely...can't go TOO high, but yeah...

I sang and played under the bridge at 2 seperate school do's, and gotta say I think both went really well.
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i said i like spaghetti, but only because i do. in all honesty i am a godawful singer, i mean its painful to hear it. I can whistle really well, like exceptionally well, but i just cant sing in tone or key whatsoever.
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I can sing and growl pretty well. But if I do high vocals for too long my voice gets tired.
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Do you folks like folk?
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