Hello again everyone , I am back with a little ballad I came up last night. It is not done yet, in fact it is only a demo. It is called "The Truth of Eternity".


Feel free to comment on "Blazing Thunder" on my other thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=528699

Thank you and don't forget, C4C! Leave crit + own song and I'll go critic it. Warning: If there is no link in crit/signature, I won't go search for your songs so post them here.

Thank you again and enjoy.
The electric guitar is either way out of tune or you are just playing in the wrong key or something, but the acoustic guitar sounds good. The clicking track is also kinda annoying. There isn't really much of a song to crit because it's not that long and is kinda repetitive, but it could be made into something cool I'm sure. Thanks for critting mine, too.
Yea it's out of tune I think, forgot to check that before playing it Doesn't last very long too because I've just started working on it for 2 days and yes it is repetitive. Np for critting yours.