I'm modifying a Squier '51 Stratocaster. I'm going to take out the push/pull coil tap volume pot and replace it with a DiMarzio 500k push/pull coil tap volume pot, then for sure put a DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucker in the bridge position. My problem is that I need to find a pickup that works well with the super distortion, but single coil sized for my neck position. I play all kinds of rock and a little country, and some metal, but I also have an Epiphone G-400 to cover the metal segment and a '68 Fender Telecaster to cover the country tones, so I guess I'm focusing on the rock portion. I play mostly Grunge/Punk and some classic rock will occasionally follow. It doesn't have to be a true single coil pickup, it can be a single coil sized humbucker too, I don't care. any suggestions?
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