hey, i just got an epiphone sg 310, anyone got any care tips, or any tips on anything to do with it at all? thanks in advance
Wipe the strings when youre finished playin, i dunno just use common sense when taking care of it
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dont use pledge or anything like that to clean the fret board... use like a drop of lemon oil to dampen a cloth and clean when switching strings
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Take special care not to hit the headstock hard. You'll regret that.
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If it's black, try not to get it smudged, even when you polish it it looks like shit.
Just take care of it. Keep the fretboard clean and oiled. Make sure the solder joints on th electronics are tight. Most importantly don't drop her.
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take care out like the other people said. if ur nor playinit its either on the stand or the case. if u can get some guitar polish and string cleaner. and everytime ur finished playing clean the guitar and wipe off the strings.
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wipe off strings and body after playing, change strings regularly and when you change the strings clean the fretboard (fastfret and other cleaners work well, lemon oil too), keep the thing in tune, dont do anything stupid with it, get strap locks if your strap buttons seem weak, wear a strap even if sitting down, hold guitar with two hands, if you travel keep it in a case, dont leave it lying on the ground, and so on.
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