Lately i have gotten into flamenco a little bit and i cant find a good instruction on a continous rasgueado. Anyone that can help?
There are about a million different forms; which are you working on?

Remember that flamenco isn't really a style that you can learn online...you really need to see it to really understand what's going on.

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To train my five stroke to be continous I'd practise offset-stroke rhythms:

5/4 |: 1 e & a 2 e & a 3 e & a 4 e & a 5 e & a :|

then, excluding the upstroke on the index (to train the fingers to return faster)

12/8 |: 1 & a 2 & a 3 & a 4 & a :|

You don't have to be at a guitar to practice these, although depending on the strength of your nails, tabletops can do some damage; I suggest an open book that you have no interest in.
Basically all permutations of the continuous rasg will feel unnatural. Neither is there a need to learn every single permutation. For continuous rasg, they are essentially in 3s, 4s or 5s. You just need about 2 or 3 (maximum) of each kind to have enough variety at your disposal.

Flamenco guitar technique can be learnt on your own. Flamenco rhythm will take tons longer and take lots of analysis. Flamenco itself can't be learnt alone.
For rasg, practice makes it more perfect. And practice it effectively and not blindly. Check yourself or rhythm or tonal inconsistency. Record yourself and listen objectively etc.