My strat has extremly low action, the stings already buzz if you just strum it, and its a nice model too and i need to raise the action. what tools do i need, and how would i do it?
where do your strings buzz at? if its around the 12th fret or so you just need to adjust the truss rod a little, that way you can keep your good action

but as far as action goes, you need an allen wrench, thats it, im not sure about the size though, its a fairly standard one though
You'll probably need your smallest or second smallest allen wrench depending on how big a set you have. It's an incredibly easy procedure.

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It is also possible (though unlikely) that a specialized tool with a socket wrench on the end is needed. i think you can buy those at guitar stores. otherwise, just take your allen wrench and loosen the truss rod slightly, until the buzz leaves.
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it buzzes at any fret. from the 1st to the last fret. so a small alen wrench should do? and this may sound stupid, but where is the truss rod? behind the nut right?