ok , idon't really know where to put this but it's a band so i'll put it here i guess. i talked to that_pink queen here (he knows quite a bit about sound and recording) and he told me i should go with behringer for a mixer, so i said , ok fair enough , you know more than me. and also, they're quite cheap so that's always good with me. but anyway, i also found these kustom 10'' speakers on musicians friend which i will purchase soon. so back to the mixer. i need at least 4 xlr, and 4 1/4 , so i start looking at mixers, but i have a question. should i go with the eurorack or the xenyx? i found what i wanted in both, i just want to know whats the main difference, and what would sound best out of those speakers, and what is easier to use. i just play in a basement type band (soon will start playing parties and such) , and i just want a PA sort of thing. thanks UG

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Well, it seems your tight on money for the mixer, but why Behringer? Id look into Peavey mixers, they dont cost that much and they sound amazing.
behringer mixers suck ass. my band had to use one in a gig and everyone was asking what was up with the sound cos it was way too muddy. (normally we would have used a roland mixer and we never had complaints about our sound)
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Well, our first mixer was a EuroRack, it broke once and took 2 months for them to send us a new one. I'd stay away from Behringer..but they are cheap, just beware that you get what you pay for. As for the speakers, right now we have 2 15 inch monitors and 2 12 inch speakers, and they don't have enough handling power for our power amp. But, they should probably b god for you if you get a nice powerful power amp. our drummer plays louder than hell so we have to have bigger equipment.

Long story short, look for a different brand of mixer, the speakers will prolly work, if not pay the extra 20 bucks and get the 12ers.
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alright thanks guys, idk, i guess behringer isn't as good as i'm told then, i had the peavy in mind though too

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behringer mixers suck ass.

Amen, Behringer mixers are hands down the WORST mixers ever. It's not just the sound, it's the fact that they aren't built very well. I agree with the guy who said check out Peavy Mixers. We used to have a PV series mixer in my band and it was reasonally priced and had many more options.
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Definately don't get the behringer, like he said they suck, break, and the customer service bit. We had a shipping confirmation that they had it, and with that date and everything I think we figured they had it a month before they sent us a replacement. They weren't even fixing it, just shipping us a new one. They're too cheap to be worth fixing.

Get a mixer bigger than what you need now. Mixers are pretty expensive to upgrade, and not as many people are looking to buy a small mixer, so getting it off your hands is a hassle. Just a question, what do you need the 1/4" inputs for? if you're going straight from your guitar/effects into the mixer you'll need direct boxes (15 bucks each), and it will sound like shit except for bass. If you're using the outs on guitar amps that's alright if you're not too much of a stickler on tone, the best thing to do is use a microphone on the amps, and this is what you'll eventually upgrade to, which is why I say get a bigger mixer than you need now. If it's for keyboards, though I don't know why you'd have four, that's cool, it'll sound great.

We have 4 kustom speakers as Unconstrained said, and I'm pretty displeased with them. They're pretty low quality speakers, the enclosures bite, they're not loud relative to what's going into them, and even the 15"ers don't handle hardly ANY power. Your best bet if you get them is to get the monitor enclosure ( the only bad thing is that if you set it up so it's like a normal speaker the input jack is on the top, not a problem if you're not stacking though) and wire them in parallel, if you know what that means. You just bridge-mono your amp into one of them, and go from that one into the other one with the provided jacks.

you didn't mention a power amp, so I assume you already have one?

if anything isn't clear here just tell me, yadda yadda, answer any questions, yadda yadda blah.
wow,looks like there's a lot i don't know about.

mixer- ok so i looked at yamaha and peavey, and i'm between, but since teh peavey was talked about a lot here lm leaning towards that one.

speaker-i honestly read all of the musiciansfriend customer reviews on the kustom, and they were all great except for 1 or 2. now, as i said we are a basement band, who at the most will be playing parties and stuff, and if we get a few i think that will be more than enough.

mics- as far as microphones go we do not need much quality. i have an sm57, and i'm gonna mic my amp with that one. then i'm gonna go ahead and get a used sm57 and mic the other guitarists amp with that. we both have a few halfway decent mics for vocals and stuff. other than that we don't need mics.

1/4 and xlr-me and the other guitarist are gonna have xlr for vocals and our amps, so thats 4 and that's all we need....for the 1/4 jacks, we're gonna go from the output on teh keyboard into one 1/4 , and same thing with the bass,we'll do that with his amp. and if we need anything else, we have 2 extra 1/4.

whats this about a power amp? i have almost no experience in live sound, and what would the use be, what does it do and do i really need it?

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Okay heres how it basically goes

Mics and everything goes into mixer and gets mixed okay. Now there is going to be a main out going to one of the following, either the mixer is powered so in that case it just goes to Passive speakers (non-powered), or it's non-powered and it goes to either active (powered) or to a power amp and then into passive speakers. Now you've got the sound off the stage for the audience.

Now you need to get the stage monitors going, the setup is going to be almost exactly the same it's going to depend on the options at your mixer. You may have auxiliary sends or sub mixes in which case you can assign a separate mix for your monitors on the stage. The output from the aux send or sub output would than be wired up to the monitors the same way as the speakers. However depending on your mixer and budget you may have to set up differently.

Sorry I would've been a bit more clear in my response however I'm a little short for time.