Ok this is going to sound like a N00bish question but hey don't know if you don't ask right.

Is there any difference between these 2 guitars other than the fr?

I'v been looking into getting a new guitar for ages and I'v got my eyes on the Ibanez RGT42DXFX as a potential new guitar. it's just there's not that many reviews on it so I was wondering if I could use the reviews on the RGT42DX as a reference on the pickups and stuff, and just disregard everything about the fr

http://www.theplanetofsound.co.uk/product.asp?dept%5Fid=107&sku=2054&tld=4&pl= (the one I'm thinking off getting)

http://www.theplanetofsound.co.uk/product.asp?dept%5Fid=107&sku=2052&tld=4&pl= (and the one I'm comparing it with)

I was going to just put this as a question with and after thought, but as that might have confused people i' decided to split this into 2 questions

any ideas as to when the Ibanez tone blaster X series amps will be available in the UK?

In an interview with mike D (KSE's bass player) he said something about a signature bass being unveiled at the namm show and then later on in the interview he said something about it being released in April. there's other gear that was unveiled in January that looks quite cool but as I can't find any info on any of it. I'm assuming it's not out yet, so I was just wondering is there like a specific amount of time before products get unveiled then distributed like in the mike D interview there's 4 months between unveiling the product then distribution

Thanks in advanced
Those 2 guitars are the same cept for the FR.

As for the Tone blaster, probably mid this year or around that time. For new guitars to be available at public, the fastest launch is 2-3 weeks after NAMM, but normally it could take up to 1-2 months. I think the release/made available to public is in March (mostly), check your local distributor for more info.
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I've owned an RGT42DXFX for awhile now.

Neck: Smooth, fast, thin... simply amazing.

Body: comfortable, light... great deep mahogany sound with heavy gauge stings...

Quality: sturdy, solid... quality you'd expect from a 500 dollar Ibanez

Sound/Pickups: THE PICKUPS SUCK ASS. Yea, they're pretty bad... throw a pair of Duncans in there and let the mahogany do it's thing... the guitar has a great natural sound.

Looks: flat black is unique, inlays are pretty and badass at the same time... one of Ibanezes better looking guitars... usually they look too "proggy" for me.

I dunno what else. Would I recommend it? Yes. It's not an all out metal guitar, but with new pickups, it would be.

Hope that helps.
It's a bitch living in the UK. The impression I get from reading on the find a dealer section on most manufactures websites, is streets filled with guitar stores as far as the eye can see lol. However over here there's like a few little privately owned guitar shops, and the odd warehouse that's at the other end of the country. so checking with a local distributor is a bit of a pain in the ass especially with Ibanez........ but saying that I know where I'll find the info when they are released, It just means that its a trek if I do decide to go and try one out.

Thanks for the mini review that was a lot more than I was expecting. I haven't looked at any reviews for it lately, its just that when I was browsing and saw that guitar I just thought to ask about it..... I'd been thinking about asking for a few weeks, but as I'v actually found a store that stocks them that's not that far away I think I might actually go and try one out.

On paper as in the Duncan's specs sheets reviews and what I'v heard on albums I think that I will defiantly get a guitar with Duncan's at some point..... however with this being an Ibanez I think if I was to change the pickups I'd get some DiMarzio to give it that higher end authentic Ibanez sound, as most of the bands I can think of that use ibanez guitars have DiMarzio humbuckers in their guitars, and thus would give me the sounds I'm after but just out of interest what Duncan's do you actually use?

thank you both