lol at the guy that stuffs up

"dammit! now we have to do it again!!"
"There are millions of people in the world, and none of those people are an extra. They're all leads in their own stories."
That sounds cool.


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1300 guitarists with big stacks full volume. The planet cracks in half.
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Damn, sounds like a nice idea. I'm not too crazy about the song but I'd particpate, my radio stations would never do something like that (I don't listen that often though).
Yeah or things like the world jump day or the world kiss and world orgasm...that really exists.
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Im pretty sure the old record was like 1000 people playing "Little Wing" on acoustic.

Damn that must have been cool.
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lol at the guy that stuffs up

"dammit! now we have to do it again!!"

haha yeh tahtll be funny. why dont get other musicians too to play the same thing like bass and drums
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This is simultaneously the best and worst idea ever.

It's good because it has the potential to be the most epic thing ever.

On the flip-side, with that many guitars, you think anybody is going to be heard? All it takes is for one guy to start playing something he's not supposed to be and the whole thing goes to pot with people trying to play over each other and generally making a ludicrous mess of the song.