please i need help from someone that has been on stage im a novice and im going to stage and im going to play time of your life of Green day and dust in the wind of kansas what do you think? any tips? please reply
just relax man.

if you can play the songs in you room you can play them on a stage right? this time its just theres an ass load of people there. imagine them in their underwear.

no really? youll probably be nervous no matter what anyone here says. just get up there, look around and get comfortable with your crowd/surroundings and go with it.
is that show gonna effect you a year down the road? no. so think of it that way. its nothing, just an event in your life you get through regardless of how you do it

be proud of what you do
personally, im not a fan of green day
but ill respect someone who gets up and plays one of their songs well, there was a kid at school that brought in his guitar last year, tried to play a green day song, first off he opens by saying, im just gonna let you all know, i suck, and he could barely play the song

so dont be negative on yourself man
just have faith, ive had to play some pretty massive stuff, most of it on a classical guitar, in front of a group of people, and man, its very easy with that to let your fingers get all tangled up, but you just flow with it, close your eyes, and feel what you feel when youre in your room practicing it

and one thing i find helps
up until the minute you play, warm up, play the 3 days leading up every spare minute you have, that way when you get up, you wont feel like 'man i could have done better...'

tis all for now from me
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please i need help from someone that has been on stage im a novice and im going to stage and im going to play time of your life of Green day and dust in the wind of kansas what do you think? any tips? please reply
I've played hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of gigs. The very best and most memorable gigs had two characteristics in common...
1. I knew my material absolutely cold.
2. I played like I didn't have a care in the world.

Good luck with your first gig and please let us U-G folks know how it went.
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just relax. i have the same problem, i get kinda freaked playing in front of people. try playing in front of a small group of friends beforehand just to get comfortable with people being there looking at you. youll do fine.
like 4 years ago i played "polly" by nirvana infront of my whole school ( i was running for student body president.. i won too!) and me and 3 other boys practiced for like 2 months, and everyday we added more and more to it.. an improvised solo, an improvised drum solo, a full verse of only bass. well the day before the show we played what we had and one of us said "dudes, are we gonna be able to remember all this and what order it goes in?" and another goes "who cares"

and that was the best advise i couldve gotten. who cares. the next day we got up on stage and we were just standing around when they raised the curtain.. everyone screamed and cheered. it was horrible, i felt like i had forgoten everything.. i barely remembered the lyrics.

then i heard the drums and bass kick in.. it was too late to back out. then Boom! it all came back and i was strummin those easy power chords like i hadnt a care in the world.. and the moment i began to sing i felt a thousand times more relaxed.. it was all happening, if i f*cked up now it wouldnt matter, we didnt care.

we didnt f*ck up and we kicked that schools ass. standing ovation for like 5 mins, the pricipal had to tell everyone to sit down and stop clapping. even during the other candidates skits students yelled out "vote for barett!" and my bands name.

pointless story? yes. but thats what yours will be when its all said n done. just relax, cause your nerves are gonna be racing even if you know the songs by heart.
yeah you'll be fine. you're always going to be nervous and in alot of ways being nervous before you play makes it so much more rewarding once you get through and finish.

if you want to kind of get used to playing, though, and test out your nerves more try doing an open mic or getting a bunch of friends together and playing in front of them. for the most part people at open mics and especially your friends will be very supportive and you don't have to worry too much even if you mess up.

man, when you're done playing and off stage you'll wish you could've stayed on longer. it's always like that. you get a big feeling of "oh boy here goes" before it starts...but once it does you never want to stop. it's exciting

break a leg, man
btw it would help, if you play a "private show" for friends, if you gather a fair amount of people who haven't heard you play before, that way you make sure you don't get TOO comfortable playing for them.
thanks a lot! the competition is on march 27 and it will be against 9 other schools but i will try doing the "private show" thingy
If you are nervous, than get up there, and engross yourself in the music.

Headbanging helps to get rid of nervousness.

And these guys are right, if you rule at home, you still rule infront of 10 people or 5,000,000,000,000 people! (That would be a huge arena, but you get my point.

I've never been on stage with my band, but I've done speeches, oral reports, and played for a lot of people.

I was in a talent show once, and I just didn't care how many people were out there.
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