Not sure what genre this would be. I listen to metal, but i think rock would be more appropriate for this song. Its kind of a ballad. Piano intro etc. Ive got lyrics floating around in the back of my mind. Tell me what you think! C4C.
To See The Sun.zip
I like the intro, it sounds really nice when the acoustic comes in. I think it drags on a bit though (unless it's going to have vocals over it, then it's fine).

Okay, at bar 53 when track 2 plays a rhythm part, I think it just doesn't fit. I would change it, or just take it out. Again at 85.

The transition into the outro isn't very smooth. I think adding a ritardando to bar 92 would make it sound better.

In the outro, again, very nice sounding harmony riff between the acoustic guitar and the piano. You might want to change it up a bit, add a few more notes somewhere so it doesn't sound too repetitive. And finally, add a chord at the end. It stops a bit too suddenly.

Overall, it's a very nice song. I'd give it a B+.

c4c my song please. Thanks man.