Greetings and welcome to this... lyric. hmm, i wrote it in like 2 minutes coz i was bored and am now posting it. but you should check out the funkrap by that other guy. it's pretty much a surefire classic

we always knew
knew the truth
dreaming for
it's better use

not to cry
is to lie
with this knife
let me die

dripping down
from this line
the only one
the only time

i listen for
a bigger clue
hold out my arms
try finding you

but i don't find
i can't listen
life that hurt
makes future glisten
Warned, for obviously not giving a shit, and for not reading the rules, and for double posting...Congrats.

As a prize, you can now read the FAQ before you post again.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
you know i'd love to. but i just did it again.

i like donnie darko,. it is a pretty sweet film