Let me start off by saying I have a Fender Frontman15 from a strat pack, so I'm desperate for a new amp.
I still only have the squire from the strat pack, but I'm probably gonna get an amp first since that controls most of the tone and will get rid of the horrible buzzing. I play a lot of metal like Killswitch Engage, Mudvayne, SOAD, Rage Against the Machine, Protest the Hero, The Human Abstract, etc and stuff like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime, but I'm looking for an amp good for metal since I play more of that. I've got about $150 and obviously need more but I don't want anything really expensive. I've been wanting to play Roland Cube 30's since I've heard a lot of good things about them, but haven't come into contact with them. I played some Crates today and they sounded alright but I wanna know with you guys think. Thanks.

And do Spider 3's suck? I've heard pretty much the all spiders blow but one of my friends is suggesting it
Roland 30 will be perfect for you!

Or you can go out on a limb and get a micro cube.
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The Vox line is good too. I have a friend with a cube 30 or 60. great tone for modeling. Nothing extra special, but fun to use.
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you probably should get a new amp, but if your only problem is buzzing, you could get a noise suppressor pedal for less than a new amp. probably get the amp, though. marshalls are expensive, but definitely worth it.