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The Swiss Army

We're all dressed to the nines
In nothing short of our finest
It's the most elegant dance of the year

There is Miss O'Hara,
Miss Johannsen,
and a striking new woman, I've never seen

The night's winding down
and Dr. Black's on the ground
Losing his last breaths of air

A hole in his back
No doubt from a friend
It could've only been left by a friend.

Clue: Remember deadlines

You've killed me dead,
Not coming back,
No stealthy grace,
No blows misplaced
Not a power struggle,
Or a fair fight.
You took my soul tonight.

Throw yourself before me,
Promise lies you can't deliver,
It seems so strange,
These fractured parts you can't rearrange,
In a place of such relaxation,
To commit such adulteration.

She was dead at the scene,
Only seventeen,
We know there was no fight,
We know she stole the light,
Now we let her rest.
She can rest,


Call me green, but
I outlined the money on my desk
with white chalk
before I had it.

So I studied from books I found
with White's help.
I drew an X on my desk
on the map.

I led him there and untied him.

It came to me then in the blink of an eye,
Boddy, I'll draw your outline in the sky.
green, you had me until you repeated friend in the last stanza. i would take out the second to last line, you don't need it.

blue, you repeated dead in the last stanza, severely impeded your ending.

red, nice language, subtle rhymes, i don't quite get it but you got my vote.

: )