My favorite band from Canada, and definitely the most talented band never to be famous in America. It's a crying shame they never attained much notoriety over here, because they were all musical geniuses. I discovered them after they had already broken up, which deeply saddened me, because I would have loved nothing more than to see them live. However, the bassist and drummer are forming a band called The Art Decay, and they have stated they will sound similar to the Tea Party.

Discuss this amazing band.
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Tea Party inspire me!! One of my favourite bands ever.

Yeah this is probably better off in Alt/indies threadland.
i'm pretty sure there is already a forum in the indi section on these guys.

but yea, they were amazing. they should have been bigger than they got.
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Awsomeness unable to be expressed with words.. one of the bands that got me into music
they have actually become one of my largest influences.

more and mroe i'm saddened that they have broken up.
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Definitely way underrated. It's always confused me why they never got a bigger following here in the US.
Apparently they're much bigger here in Australia. Personally, I love 'em. One of my favorite bands.
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**** burzum XD

there i said it...kinda

edit: i do realise they are not here...so i kinda didnt say it...

i really dig thier 'middle eastern' vibe. i'm starting to do some stuff like that in my new music.
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Thanks for the tip thread starter. I've checked them out, I dig the whole Jim Morrison-meets-Led Zepplin-meets-Screaming Trees sound.
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have you seen any pics of Jeff Martin (lead singer), he looks just like Morrison! it's very odd-sounds like him, looks like him, but it ain't Jim!
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the best gig I have EVER seen (and I've seen alot of gigs: Floyd, Page & Plant, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Muse and plenty more) was The Tea Party in 1996. They were astounding.
3 guys on stage that sounded like 6. I've never such anyone play guitar with such commanding authority. I hate the word "owned" it's such a puerile 'internet' word that gets overused. But it really does apply to Jeff Martin; he owns that instrument completely.
If you haven't heard them, download "Splendor Solis", the first song alone shows how good the band are.
They kind of went a bit crap about 4 albums in to their career, he has his affected way of singing that got worse as they went on. But the sheer talent. Boy oh boy.
yeah they are pretty badass. fire in the head?? i think thats what it was called...lol. sorry....anyways that was a good one.
man the drumer jeff is my cuzin. i only see him like once or twice a year. its crazy each one of his kids have thair own drum kits. ya man i know a bunch about them