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I Count the Minutes, Not the Miles

I'd kill to make amends.
I'd kill you and never think of it again.
With tension in my hands,
and my knuckles painted white.

You could count me in,
but counting always tends to be a gamble.
Every time that we begin,
something better has to end.

I would learn to dance,
But dancing only leads to conversation.
With rhythm in your head,
Your words are compromised.

You could harbour cures,
or open up and share them with the whole world.
With your copper tongue,
that will tarnish in due time.

You tell me to be brave.
From behind the mask you made with paper plates.
You tell me to behave.
Then you place your fingers on my lips and pray.

I'd kill to make amends.
Kill you so I could have all of your friends.
Like scissors in my hands,
I keep things running...

marrow ocean

When the ship started sinking; we were there holding our
lunch boxes, skipping stones, talking about staying a float
and we didn't know why our tongue tied declarations came
out sounding like hot air balloons deflating, but someone
told us to stop shooting shit and get our bodies on deck.

So we commandeered the tugboat in the middle of a marrow
ocean anchored with empty bones tied to telephone poles
connecting the north and south dakotas but no one else in between.
Tin can telephones, wrinkled roots with no mouths just beaks
holding up the trees, steadfast and easy, you won't last trust me its freezing.
A petticoat dreams of stitched seams but all you've got is rags and
thread but no needles just limbs that you've forgotten how to use.
So you sit all day pretending life is a contest and that you're winning
but really you're just waiting
for someone to sweep you off your feet.

Duck your head before the drawbridge because we're drawing close
and the archers are shooting with bullets not arrows.
Hallelujah its easier said than done,
searching for salvation not seeking revenge is the best way to waste your life.
So come sit here with me and think about nothing before the
plane starts crashing or the
ship starts sinking or you waste anymore of your life alone.
i dig rust, but i have this weird affection for navy. it's like a little narcoleptic puppy.. quirky but lovable.

: )
this doesnt have to go for a whole week. i think usually just 3 days to 5 days.