this, sadly, will be my last piece before i leave. however, hopefully it brightens your day. it sure did occupy me for a second. hahahahahaha. **** its shithouse. YES

its a little bit dumb
that your getting heated
i'm writing crap
that will just get deleted

you however
my furry friend
have the name
of a skanky hen

dontpoll, i mean
have a go
you could have been
a little more slow

do you get it yet?
It's all a joke
this sh*thouse humour
do you need a smoke?

are you depressed?
insane or retarted?
whatever it is.
ya mum just farted
Well, they say its worse when you know you're going. But theres nothing better than saying bye to you.

*cue grave dance music*
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.