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What are your favorite drug movies? Mine are Trainspotting and Blow.
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scarface was good... i agree with blow... reno 911 miami
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Cheech And Chong ese!!!

Cheech and Chong's nice dreams (just sounds like a crackhead movie) or that other one...

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defiantly trainspotting and party monster, and dazed and confused if that fits in there
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pokemon the movie has nothing to do with drugs but its great to watch when your many colors.......

EDIT: on shrooms
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Dazed and Confused
Cheech And Chong
Ballz On Parade
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requiem for a dream, ftw.
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Blow. mainly because it took place right here in my hometown
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requiem for a dream, ftw.

that is my favorite movie of all-time
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requiem for a dream, ftw.

Yes i dont do drugs and that movie is one of the many reasons why!
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Half Nelson.
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Dya think that Grandma's Boy could be considered a drug movie? If it is, then that is the best. If not, then Cheech and Chong!!!

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I forgot to mention Go, but I'm not sure if that counts as a drug movie.
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I don't think anyone mentioned Half Baked yet....

But I'd say some of Cheech and Chong, and Dazed and Confused were the best.

For sitcoms....that 70's show! The brownie garage sale episode kicks ass

Edit: what was that one movie they played on comedy central with the "magical forest of marijuana"? That was good too
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Half Baked FTW
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how high, I'm watching it now while high
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the doors
requiem for a dream
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requiem for a dream was excellent. im a big fear and loathing fan and trainspotting. Half Baked is funny but the ending is kinda annoying when he gives up smoking. Dazed and Confused is fun if you are hanging out with friends.
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Dazed and Confused...duh.
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For sitcoms....that 70's show!

Does anybody else hate that show?

uh. otherwise, trainspotting and half nelson.
I'd say Rolling Kansas, Half-Baked, and one of the best recent films, Crank.

I thought Crank was just going to be some above average action film, but it was loaded with far more drugs than I thought, and a lot of it was funny as Hell.
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Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Blow, Half Baked, Requiem For A Dream, Dazed And Confused. Basically what everyone else already said.

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Robert Downey Jr made a mindblowing role in Less Than Zero, the book is better though.

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Layer Cake was absolutely amazing...if you all haven't checked it out, you definitely should

+1 I own it , one of the best movies ever made.
Trainspotting and Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
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