This is pretty good, I think. I don't hear too many mistakes. I can't think of what this reminds me of. But, yeah, nice job. The only think I'm going to say is there was too much reverb at the beginning and it all just blended too much. That's just my opinion though, and everyone's entitled to their own. Good job though, keep it up.

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thats a great improv bro. it almost reminded me of santana at some parts. oooh nice, i hear some al di meola at the end.

overall that was a really great sounding improv, i cant hear anything that i dont particularly like about it..... um, well, maybe the guitar tone. it needed some more power behind it. it sounded a little thin. But tone aside, Good job.

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Even though it's no where close to that style, it kinda reminded of flamenco. Your improvisation phrasing is like the one of one guy that uses to jam with paco de lucia. Don't remember his name.
Great improvisation. Any chances that you send me the backing track?

This really does remind of an artist/band, but I can't think who!

I agree with the too much reverb thing, just tone it down alittle, Apart from that, this song pretty much rules. Some nice licks in there, turn up the guitar just a fraction and its good to go. Very good improv.

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