WHY do chicks dig Dani Filth so much? I'd really like to know. Not because I want to be more like him, but because it just bugs me.
Listen, I don't know who that is. But I can tell you why chicks dig Arthur Curry so much.

Because he's ****ing awesome.
Yeah, that's Dani Filth...he's the vocals for Cradle of Filth. And he's weeeeeeeeird. But that's not the point. Every chick I've met who knows who he is is completely infatuated with him.
He's like...5'3". If being short makes you sexy, I'm totally screwed.
Meh when he doesnt have any weird sh!t on him he looks pretty attractive. I was shocked when i saw him not with paint on him, his hair all ****ed up. Meh he would be a model if he was taller. Its probably his jaw lines that make him look "h@wt"...

I'm a dude by the way. Dani filth is from Cradle of filth. No i'm not gay.

my best friend digs Marylin Manson..
she like shis music,.. not him!
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He's just trying to protect our innocence.

Yes i am
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Your flirting powers are incredible.

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witch magic. thats the only answer. the leprechauns are busy elsewhere
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