Does anyone have any experience or own a Marshall micro stack? Its only 15 watts but it looks kinda cool. Pics and info would be appreciated. Thanks!
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bad choice for tone. very bad. a godd practice amp for cleans, and a great house ornament for looking at, but other wise nothing else good about it. just a louder and cooler looking mg15cdr which i have and has no good sounds. and the fdd does shit all.
some guy at my school played one at a rally we had on friday...it looked funny
and im not too sure...but u couldnt hear him that well...


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Its a joke. Its nothing better than those little $40 mini amps. Its purely put out there as a joke...a novelty if you will. For LOOKS in other words.
The entire MG series is bad, except for a practice amp for ok cleans.
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