Every week, me and my friends have a party at someone's house and everyone is always wanting me to play guitar for them. The problem is that when I do, I either play something I've made up myself, or a song that they don't even know

Basically, I need to learn a simple song that everyone knows (preferably acoustic...either way, I'll be playing it on an acoustic)

Any suggestions? Thank you
What I Got - Sublime
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Maybe some Led Zeppelin or something.
i'd go for zeppelin. hopefully ur friends would recognize zeppelin. if not, get new friends. a lot of there songs sound great acoustic
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Layla - Clapton People who dont actually know the song ahve recognized it. I dont know 1 person who says I've never heard that song after I let them listen to it.

Knockin on heavens door. Stairway. Tangerine. Something by the Eagles.
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Dunlop Crybaby From Hell
Green Day - Good Riddance
Counting Crows - Walkaways

Both dead easy but very impressive to play

edit - more alt/indie type ones, you could try

Radiohead - High and Dry, Street Spirit, Lucky - all of which aren't too hard to pick up
Bluetones - Slight Return - may not be so well known
REM - Everybody Hurts - really easy to play, not so easy to sing to as well, bonus is everyone else will know the words so you can just fingerpick away while they bellow tunelessly
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - take the time to nail the intro, and you'll have a captive audience. Watch the lighters sway.
Oasis - Man where do I start, loads of Oasis sounds good acoustic and it's not too challenging either. Stand By Me, Cast No Shadow, Live Forever, Don't Look Back in Anger, and of course the oft-requested Wonderwall.

Well I hope that at least gives you some ideas
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But personally, I always make my boyfriend play horrible songs for a good laugh (ie "Ooo Baby I Love Your Way" or "Kryptonite"). Keeps us entertained for a good 15 minutes.