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Ibanez 240
4 44%
Jackson RR 3
5 56%
Voters: 9.
ffs i have a choice

Of Either
but its yellow but it is only 600 meaning i could get a new pedal or new amp for taht matter

or i could get the


what do you guys think i dont' have the time to try them out becuase my fken life is so busy and no fn store in melbourne actually sell a rr3 so im pretty pissed off at that

also i dont' think many sotres in melbourne sell the 240 either
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IMO the ibanez, I think that Jacksons are built cheaply and they feel like it as well.
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What he said^
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keep in mind that the ibanez is 600 inc postage and the rr3 is 1200 my money Aud)
Ibanez, although I think the trem on it sucks, it may be a lo-trs or trsII which are both direct swaps for original floyd roses.