I am not a newbie... but just have to ask....

What is the difference between bending upwards and downwards?

Its amazingly easier to do it upwards and difficult to bend upwards with almost no difference in the sound....

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Well, it depends what other strings you need to play, or if you need to bend it both ways to get a certain sound. Otherwise they sound the same.
it just depends on the situation, sometimes its easier to bend downwards, just do whatevers easier. it should sound exactly the same either way.
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I usually bend downwards when Im doing 2 string bends. Other than that, it is upwards.
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Whenever you can bend, bend upwards (towards the ceiling), it's harder, and it builds your muscles
is it just me cause when i bend upwards and downwards they really sound different??

anyways remember when bending, dont use only 1 finger. i usually use 3 fingers but sometimes 2 to add more power when bending. it shoudnt be that hard

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it depends on where your fingers end up at... upwards maybe flatter than downwards for example
i bend to the floor, i dont find a differences in the sounds personally

Good luck playing 2 1/2 step bends on the top 3 strings, or unison bends. Bending up gives you more control, but more importantly you tend to follow a bend with a higher note. If you bend downwards then move to the next string up you'll be muting the string with your bending finger. Obviously bend downwards on the bottom 2 strings because you don't have enough fretboard to bend up, but bending upwards is generally more useful. If you can only bend downwards you'll have problems with a lot of stuff.
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