alright, i'm still fairly new at guitar and this is the first song i wrote. I don't have any lyrics yet, but i've done every other instrument. The song isn't finished, but close. I'm asking for your opinions on whether I should finish it or if it sucks so far and would be a waste of time.
I like the sound of the song a lot, but most of my friends i've shown it to haven't been excited about it at all.
Any comments are helpful, so long as they're honest.
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Well it's very repetitive... It kind of sounds like the same riff over and over.
If you can come up with another riff to work as a chorus you can make a simple song out of it. You said you are new so don't expect to write masterpieces. Keep at it! I think my favorite part was the bass on bar 16. Try adding in some more fills like that.

Good Luck and if you ever need any suggestions or help just let me know through pm or whatever.

I'd appreciate it if you gave my song a listen. I would be interested to hear the opinion of someone who is relatively new to guitar.
Be sure to listen to the updated version: