Arright.. I'm holding the pick 'right'.. accordin to the book.. and I checked up a few places online but im gettin pain in my index knuckle..?

Also.. iouno if this is related but.. I've been plateaud at a certain tempo..

I'm holding the pick on the side of my index and my thumb comes straight down across at a 90 degree..

It really starts to hurt when I play my major scales fast..

anyone got an idea why?
first of all hold the pick how ever is most comfortable for you, whether it goes against the book or not. second if your nuckle hurts at all it might just need to be stretched out, I used to have carpal tunnel sindrome (probably didn't spell right) in my middle nuckle and all I hade to do was stretch it out for like a month and it was all better. hope I helped...
Yea.. this is in my top knuckle.. the one closest to the wrist.. I guess i'll try stretching it out for a while..

Thank you so much..