New American danger-
drums\rythim - good
chord progression \ melody - good, I like it
vocals - I like the parts which are sang alone, but when the two voices sing together it sounds kinda strange.

Friday Night Lights -
Great rythm, the intro is good and the guitar made a nice bg sound along the music. The vocals are smooth and nice, just like the melody, it a nice song, nicely done. the drums are also pretty well. I just don't like the fade out to finish musics, but if you do, it's nice..

The Outlaw song -
GREAT rythm, very happy and outlaw :P. The vocals sound kinda strange and crazy.. I love the piano solo, simply perfect! the guitar sounds great and everything seems to be on time. The guitar solo is good, was made with good technic and fits perfectly with the music.

Angelia -
Great melody, smooth and nice, the vocals were much better than in the other musics. The solo is good and fits in pretty well. the final part is nice, but felt it was a bit heavy considering wat's before it, but you did pass quite well from the smooth part to the heavier.

Great work, you got future, and I'm sure your gonna improve your sound.
Keep it up, never go down, and don't give up :P
hands down.
These songs are all good. One small thing is that the snare drum on the Outlaw Song kind of cuts through and is a little trebly, but this is just a small thing that could be easily fixed. I liked friday night lights a lot. I like the bass playing in Angelia a lot, too. It is a really cool little run. The chorus in that song is also very good. That is probably my favorite song. New American Danger is pretty cool, too. It has a great guitar riff and the backup vox are crazy. Good job. I enjoyed this. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091