DigiTech RP200 Multi-Effects Processor

This is a DigiTech RP200 Multi-Effects Processor. It was purchased earlier this year and has only been used once. I still have the box from the store, and all the power supply and manuals are included. If you want a certain sound from amps, effects, or certain pickups this is the right processor for you. I am selling all my effects plus this processor because I no longer have use for them. Thanks a lot and hopefully talk with you soon!


Use up to 12 Effects at a single time
Fully Programmable
Drum Machine

24 bit A/D D/A
Chromatic Tuner
Simple To Use
Stereo Output
6 Digit Alpha Numeric Display
Built-in Expression Pedal
Power Chord Included

Input: 1/4" TS
Jam-a-Long: 1/8" Stereo TRS
Output: 1/4" Stereo TRS
Headphones: 1/8" Stereo TRS
A/D/A: 24 bit Delta Sigma
Power Supply: 9 VAC, 1.3A
Power Consumption: 6.8 Watts
Memory: 40 User, 40 Factory Presets
Effects: Pickup Simulator, Compressor, Am Modeling, Wah, Acoustic Guitar Simulator, 3 band EQ, Noise Gate, Cabinet Modeling, Mic Placement, Chorus, Flange, Phaser, Tremolo, Panner, Vibrato, Rotary Speaker, AutoYa, YaYa, SynthTalk, Enveloped Filter, Pitch shift, Detune, Whammy, Delay, and Reverb.
Drum Machine: 30 Patterns
Simultaneous Effects: up to 11
Dimensions: 8.5" x 10" x 2.25"
Weight: 3 lbs.

You can get ahold of me at Bealsey1@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from you soon.
u should post this in gear ads, and remove the ebay link cuz they dont allow that here...
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