I have the Marshell 1960B Cab.
Can you suggest a good tube head?
My budget is around $1000.
I play in a metalish/hardcore/prog band.
thanks in advance. Oh and I have a gibson sg standerd if you want to know.
from what ive heard the ashdown fallen angel is one of the best cheap all tube amps. its 800, so you'll have enough left over for some extra gear
Get a Laney GH50L..... Seriosuly, one of the greatest and most under-rated amps ever, very simmilar to a JCM800 in versitility and features.... Huge range of tones available
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i thinking about either the krank revolution head or the preavey Peavey 6505 Plus.

Im going to have to go to guitar center and try em out if they have them.
Skip the Krank. Its, IMO at least, one of the biggest hunk o' junks out there. The 6505 is much better in terms of tone, IMO again.
I dunno, I was having a good time with my friends Rev 1. With a nice guitar(PRS Tremonti artist), I was very pleased with the tones I was getting out of it. Very agressive and tight for metal. The cleans underwhelmed me, but I wasn't really interested in it's cleans anyway. At 2k for the combo though, it starts to lose it's luster pretty quick imo. Safe bet is easily the 5150.
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I second the guy who said 'used jsx'

if you can find a used JSX, go for it. I find the 5150 - 6505 sounds too noisy...but tahts just preference, if you get a chance, do yourself a favor and try a JSX!

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